WWYM Mini USB Insulin Cooling Box, Porta...



Price: $148.99
(as of Jun 18,2021 02:17:29 UTC – Details)

Area-of storage
Suitable for storage of all types of insulin pen and various drugs need to be refrigerated, such as vaccines, interferon, hormone

1. Easy to carry
2. Super-long standby
3. Use method is simple
4. Constant temperature Refrigeration

Adapter input voltage: AC24V
Ice cup input voltage: DC5V
Ice cup input power: 5W
Heat preservation function(rise10°C): 12 hours
Internal and external maximum cooling 26°C difference
Cup volume: 900ml
USB power supply: can use charging treasure and notebook to power it. (Note: Please read the instruction manual carefully when using)
UNIQUE DESIGN: The cooling box made of semiconductor refrigeration, extend the holding time of reefer, compact and easy to carry
FAST REFRIGERATION CUP: In the hot summer, everyone wants to get a cold drink.Can also hold temperature
FEATURE: 900ml large capacity, 304 stainless steel cup body can directly store food and beverage Easy to carry
WIDELY APPLICATION: Summer camping, take-out on the outing, mobile small refrigerator, suitable for a variety of coffee, soda, beer, etc. to drink iced drinks or beer at any time

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