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Product Description

MY VIVI diabetic  insulin pen cooler travel  case MY VIVI diabetic  insulin pen cooler travel  case

No maintenance needed insulin pen cooling caseNo maintenance needed insulin pen cooling case

Choose the right "size VIVI CAP1 for your insulin penChoose the right "size VIVI CAP1 for your insulin pen

Maintenance freeMaintenance free

lightweight small insulin cooler lightweight small insulin cooler


Carefully TestedCarefully Tested

24/7/365 peace of mind! No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration or battery charging!

Only 2 oz (60g)! Easily fits in your purse or pocket, keep it with you everywhere you go.

VIVI CAP1 is a result of years of research by experts dedicated to providing easy to use, hassle free cooling solutions

VIVI CAP1 has been carefully tested to stabilize Insulin in Extreme Temperature Conditions.

insulin cooler HLPC-Analysisinsulin cooler HLPC-Analysis

Perfect fit for the following insulin pens

NovoRapid, Novolog, Victoza, Levemir

Lantus, Apidra

Humalog, Humalog Mix, Basaglar

NovoRapid, Levemir, Tresiba, Fiasp

NovoPen 4&5/Echo, Luxura, Luxura HD, Savvio, CliKSTAR

Select the right VIVI CAP1 for your insulin penSelect the right VIVI CAP1 for your insulin pen

Need help choosing the correct VIVICAP1 model ?

1) Check your insulin & pen name.

2) Select the VIVI CAP1 model that fits your pen.

3) At home, verify you chose the right model.

4) Insert your pen into the VIVI CAP1.

5) Gently push until you hear a “click.”

[ALARMING FACT] You can’t tell the difference between good and expired insulin just by looking and you can’t tell if the insulin you use was damaged by temperature. That might happen even in regular daily use.
This novel high tech Maintenance-Free pen cap is scientifically proven to keep your insulin cool below 84.2°F (29°C) for a minimum of 12 hours even in a constant environmental temperature of 100°F (37.8°C), regains its capacity automatically whenever the ambient temperature gets below 78.8°F (26°C ) and continue like that for years, without ever need for maintenance
Extreme hot or Extreme cold, even in freezing cold temperatures of -4°F (-20°C) the unique thermal insulation of VIVI CAP1 was proven to keep the insulin from freezing! VIVI CAP1 covers the insulin and protects it. Though the pen temperature itself may be different. To check the insulin temperature simply press and release the button. Indicator light will turn on for just few seconds and will go off – GREEN – OK
TAKE IT EVERYWHERE EASILY: Your new Pen-Cap Medication Cooler is small and lightweight, it even fits in your pocket. Take it with you wherever you go: at school, work or even when you travel.

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