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Price: $21.99
(as of Apr 05,2021 20:11:16 UTC – Details)

Insulin Cooler Travel Case in Navy Blue Color. Insulin Cooler Travel Case- use with ice pack or without for a stylish and protective way to carry your insulin pens and diabetic supplies while traveling. Case can hold up to three insulin pens safely along with ice pack inside. Most appropriate for light travel and daily use. Case is small enough to fit into a backpack, purse, or carry-on luggage to keep insulin supplies close for when you need them. Bright colored EVA foam case is protective and makes keeping diabetic supplies organized and close by easy. Remove the ice pack to use the case for an organized way to bring basal and bolus insulin, pen needles, syringes, and blood sugar testing supplies around safely to school, work, the beach, or while traveling. A stress-free way to alway know where your diabetic supplies are while away from home!

ORGANIZED- Mesh zipper bag is perfect for holding pen needles and test strips, elastic loops keep pens in place along. Remove the ice gel pack to fit in blood glucose meter, ketone meter, lance and lancets to make into the perfect diabetic supply organizer case for daily use. No messy used test strips or pen needles in your purse or backpack or on your floor, everything stays neat and clean in its place.
SAFE AND PROTECTIVE- Hard EVA foam exterior protects glass insulin pens from damage when kept in a purse or backpack. Strong zipper keeps all items in place, no need to worry about case opening and spilling your important supplies inside your purse or bag.
STYLISH AND DISCREET- Beautiful parrot green or royal blue colors are easy to remember to bring along, if you are one of the diabetics that forgets to bring your tester and pens when you leave the house. 8×4 inch case fits inside your bag and is easy to spot inside purse or luggage. Pretty colors and discreet design does not look like medical equipment, no need to worry about anyone judging or knowing you are diabetic, if you prefer to stay low-key about your diabetic status.
PERFECT FOR TRAVEL AND DAILY USE-Check before you leave for the day to make sure you have enough supplies and no worries about running out of insulin, pen needles, test strips, lancets, glucose tabs or alcohol prep swabs for the day. Remove the ice gel pack and case is perfect for daily use as a diabetes supply organizer. Less stress remembering where everything is when it is all neatly kept in the diabetic supply travel case.

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