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The essential companion to the newly revised
Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet book,
The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Journal will help you track your daily and weekly progress as you lose weight, lower your blood sugar, and improve your overall lifestyle.

Following the Mayo Clinic’s scientifically proven 10-week weight loss program, the second edition of
The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Journal will teach you how to adopt key habits that will help you adjust to a healthy lifestyle. First, kick-start your weight loss with Lose It!, our two-week program designed to help you safely lose 6-10 pounds and improve your overall blood sugar levels. Then, follow our eight-week program, Live It!, to continue losing 1-2 pounds a week until you reach your weight loss goal.

With this daily food and activity log, you’ll be able to:

·       Track your daily food intake of the six main food groups to make sure you’re reaching your daily serving goals

·       Record your daily activity to see how your fitness advances over time

·       Note your bi-daily glucose readings to keep track of how your blood sugar levels directly correlate with weight loss

·       Complete weekly check-ins to monitor your overall progress and improved energy

Plus, follow our daily sample menus to easily stay on top of a low-carb diet, simplifying your efforts to follow a healthy meal plan.

Now with additional tips from endocrinology experts,
The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Journal will make tracking your daily meals, physical activity, blood sugar levels, and weight loss progress easier than ever before.


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