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Natural Healthful Delicious The WORLD GOURMET Sea Salt Sampler is the PERFECT GIFT for yourself or anyone who loves to cook. Each unrefined salt is full of vital minerals and you will enjoy discovering the many nuances of crunch and natural flavor that each sea salt brings to your favorite dishes. Discover your favorites and enjoy them and be sure to order them in our larger size jars for your convenience. The Samplers are perfect for gift baskets, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, birthdays and thank you gifts! 16 all natural sea salts, each one rich in flavor and 84 trace minerals and completely unrefined, impart a texture and natural flavor all their own! The sea salts: Aegean Sea, a pyramid shaped flake salt from Cyprus, Brittany Gray- mineral salt from France, Hawaiian Onyx- black salt from Hawaii, Fleur de Sel– France, Silver Palm -Pacific ocean, Pele Red-Hawaii, Tibetan Rose from the Himalayan Mts., Aussie Snow, Australia, Trapani-Isle of Sicily, Sagrada Rosa – Peru, Sal de Bolivia– Bolivia, Tibetan Rose– Himalayan, Matcha Zen-green tea infused- U.S.A., Real Roasted Garlic infused sea salt, Real Toasted Onion infused sea salt, Sel de Sauvignon-red wine infused, Espresso d’Oro-Espresso infused sea salt. Note: Salts listed here may occasionally change due to availability. An infomative Brochure is enclosed in the sampler for information on the sea salts and how to use and enjoy them. Each small container is individually labeled with the sea salt name.
Have fun Exploring these delicious gourmet salts and find your favorites.
Most of the sampler sea salts are available in our new Recycled Glass with Cork Top Jars!
The perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or eat! Sampler Case is about 5.25″ sq. and 3/4″ thick.
An informative brochure booklet is enclosed describing each salt, its origins and suggested uses.

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