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Are you ready to change your life, improve your health and lose weight? You can help yourself just by sticking to the Dr. Sebi Diet!

Do you want to remove phlegm and mucus, detox your body and skin, cleanse your liver, and naturally prevent some diseases, such as Herpes and Diabetes? This book is for YOU!

I have prepared a fresh portion of delicious food – 77 NEW and Easy Dr. Sebi-Inspired Recipes!

BUY this book, find Easy Alkaline RECIPES with PICTURES and Step-by-Step instructions, check 21-Day Meal Plan, and receive the shopping list of approved Dr. Sebi products in your email in PDF for FREE!

This unique diet is called the Dr. Sebi Diet. It is an alkaline plant-based diet that consists of an approved Dr. Sebi alkaline food list and supplements.

This diet is composed of vegetables, fruits, greens, and other plants that are intended to create alkaline conditions within the body.

According to Honduras herbalist Dr. Sebi, this diet raises the alkalinity of your body. This, in turn, prevents the formation of mucus and makes it difficult for infection-causing organisms to survive. You will experience cell rejuvenation and the elimination of toxic substances from your blood and body.

The Dr. Sebi Diet can help many people feel better without taking pills.

You will find all kinds of useful information:

  • What is the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet?
  • What are the food principles?
  • Which products are in the Dr. Sebi food list?
  • Why are hybrid products so dangerous?
  • What are the benefits and downsides of the Dr. Sebi diet?
  • How can the Dr. Sebi diet help with diabetes or herpes?
  • Does it cleanse the liver?
  • How can you lose weight by sticking to it?

Besides a complete nutritional guide, you will receive EASY Dr. Sebi recipes for a wide variety of dishes — main dishes, soups, salads, sauces, smoothies, desserts, bread, and snacks based on the Dr. Sebi products list.

After you finish it, you will know even more Dr. Sebi-inspired recipes! It means that you can surprise yourself, your family, and friends even more with new delicious desserts and dishes, sauces and salads, snacks and smoothies.

Well, that sounds great, isn’t it?

If you are still in doubt, check out some reviews on Doctor Sebi cookbook below. They will definitely dispel all your doubts!

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