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Are you running low on energy a little more than usual?

Are you someone approaching your mid-life stage with a determination to lose weight?

Have you tried all sorts of diets in the past and don’t believe it’s possible to succeed?

It’s time to banish thoughts like those and try something that will help you discover the body you always wanted!

For those of us over 50, losing weight can be a particular challenge and one that seems increasingly more difficult as we get older. Many men and women try all sorts of fad diets that really don’t work and most fail and then regain any weight they lost. Sometimes we even put on more weight than before, leaving us in a yo-yo dieting cycle without end.

The journey, regardless of how hard it may be, starts with the first step!

That has all changed with this book, which sets out to help people just like you to lose the excess weight you’ve piled on over the years and keep it off, with chapters that offer:

✓An insight into the ketogenic diet

✓Understanding what ketosis is

✓How it can help you to manage all sorts of health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis

✓Living a healthier lifestyle overall

✓The foods to eat and to avoid on keto diet

✓Low carb dishes for every occasion

✓Snacks, sides, and desserts

✓Vegetarian options

✓keto diet shopping list

✓And more…

Learn all about keto and how to eliminate excess weight and regain all that energy today with “The Keto Guide for Beginners after 50!”

Even if you haven’t quite hit 50 yet, or if you have just nudged past the wrong side of 60, this book can still help you to live a healthier lifestyle with its in-depth knowledge and delicious recipes. Crammed with healthy cooking options, it will help women to balance their hormones or men to reset your metabolism, through healthy choices that are as delicious as they sound.

Let me be the first one to tell you, you are not alone!

Lose weight for good with this amazing low carb diet that is perfect for beginners.

Choose the best for you!

So, what are you waiting for?

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