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Eniva Minerals for Life Strontium Liquid Concentrate is a dietary supplement of the Cell-Ready mineral STRONTIUM in a proprietary nutrient delivery system.Strontium Helps to Support: Bone health* Skeletal system*Strontium (symbol “Sr”) is a mineral found directly below Calcium on the Periodic Table of Elements. Strontium is a mineral with alkaline properties. Research has long suggested Strontium may be an essential nutrient required for the normal development, structure, function and health of the skeletal system.*Trace amounts of strontium are found within the human skeleton. Strontium has an affinity for bone and is taken up at the bone matrix crystal surface. Clinical trials going back into the 1940s have supported this conclusion, and recent studies have provided evidence that it can offer unique nutritional support for the skeletal system positively affecting bone metabolism leading to normalized bone density. No Artificial Colors or Flavors Gluten Free Diabetic Friendly Vegetarian Friendly No Fish Ingredients No GMO Ingredients Cold Processed No Irradiation No PasteurizationDirections: Adults: 1 Ounce Daily (30mL). Shake well before using.Recommendations: May combine with 8 ounces of water / juice. For optimal absorption, strontium should not be ingested at the same time as calcium dietary supplements or calcium containing food. While supplementing with strontium, adequate calcium intake should be maintained.Storage Directions: Avoid freezing and heat. Refrigerate after opening.
It’s a specialized health liquid designed to naturally support the normal development, structure, function & health of the skeletal system.
Is a dietary supplement of the Cell-Ready mineral STRONTIUM in a proprietary nutrient delivery system. Strontium Helps to Support: Bone health Skeletal system.
Not irradiated or pasteurized, with no artifical colors, flavors, or sugars. Non GMO, gluten-free, diabetic friendly, vegan.
Ingredients: Purified water, strontium (from strontium chloride), natural flavors, citric acid, sorbic and/or benzoic acid(s) [protects freshness], stevia leaf extract.

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