Rebel Pop-in Test Strip modules for Bloo...



Price: $29.99
(as of Apr 01,2021 15:15:06 UTC – Details)

Own Your Life — Pop-in modules are the refills for your Pops Rebel meter. Each Pop-in has three integrated lancets and test strips included for easy and more painless testing. This listing comes with 40 Pop-ins, which is 120 tests (just 25 cents per test). Like your traditional lancing tool that allows selection of the lancing depth, you can purchase four different levels of lancing (1=least lancing to 4=most lancing). Pops offers one of the most discreet, easy to use diabetes management systems available. Our patented and FDA cleared Rebel virtual care system ensures you won’t ever be defined by diabetes again. The Rebel meter is smaller than a phone, requires not assembly to check your sugar, and is less painful. It is controlled from your phone and results are displayed on your phone. When you purchase the Rebel meter, you also receive for FREE the Pops app with Mina, your AI virtual coach. Mina will help you set reminders, create positive patterns to lead you to better management, and be a pep of encouragement in your back pocket.
LOW COST, DISCREET, AND EASY-TO-CARRY. This purchase is for 120 integrated tests for your Rebel meter (just 25 cents per test). Because it is integrated, the Rebel conveniently attaches to your smartphone and allows you to test blood sugar anywhere. No more bulky testing kit or unsightly testing process to worry about.
LESS PAINFUL TO CHECK BLOOD SUGAR. The Rebel system is less painful than other blood glucose testing systems, requires no assembly, and integrates strips and lancets together. 93% of Rebel users report experiencing less pain!
EASIER TO CHECK BLOOD SUGAR. These Pop-ins test modules do not require handling of small lancets or test strips. Features make it easy for placing your blood sample even with shaky hands.
POP-IN MODULES FOR THE REBEL METER. These Pop-ins are refills for the Pops Rebel glucose meter. If you don’t have your meter, buy it now on Amazon for $19.99 which includes the first 144 tests for FREE.

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