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Product Description

OrthoSleeve Socks with Purpose the next evolution in socks.

OrthoSleeve Socks with Purpose the next evolution in socks.

Crew socks for diabetics

Crew socks for diabetics

Wellness socks for diabetic feet, neuropathy and sensitive feet

Socks with purpose for diabetic, neuropathy and sensitive feet

Socks with purpose for diabetic, neuropathy and sensitive feet

Crew and No-Show Style

OrthoSleeve WC4 Wellness Socks

Targeted Conditions:

Circulation Support
Sensitive Feet

OrthoSleeve Wellness Socks improve your overall foot health and provide relief for those suffering from diabetes, neuropathy and sensitive feet

The WC4 socks are strategically designed for people who suffer from diabetes, sensitive feet, neuropathy and poor circulation. The WC4’s feature light to moderate compression to improve circulation and Nano-Bamboo Charcoal that has been proven to help maintain healthy feet and skin. Our seamless technology featuring non-binding comfort is the perfect accessory for your feet. The midfoot arch support structure allows your feet the additional stability needed to keep moving and stay moving longer.

Seamless construction
Non-binding comfort
Shaped-to-fit design
Midfoot/Arch Support Structure
Left/Right Design for the Perfect Fit
Contoured Padding and Y-Gore heel
Lifestyle & ultra comfort
Light Gradient Compression

Sizing Chart based on shoe size

M: 3-5.5 / W: 4-6.5 | UK: 1-3 | EU: 33-36

M: 6-9 / W: 7-10 | UK: 4-8 | EU: 37-40

M: 9.5-12 / W: 10.5-13 | UK: 9-13 | EU: 41-44

M: 12.5-15 / W: 13.5-PLUS | UK: 14-16 | EU: 45-47

M: 15.5-PLUS | UK: 16.5-PLUS | EU: 48-PLUS

Wellness Socks Therapy

Wellness Socks Therapy

4 Zones of Medical Grade Compression

The WP4 Wellness performance socks feature extra padding in the toe and heel to help reduce pain and friction. Designed with moisture-wicking material, the WP4s keep your feet dry thereby minimizing the risk for infections and skin irritation.

The anatomical shaped to fit structure provides amazing comfort and the WC4 introduces a new Nano Bamboo Charcoal material making the socks extra durable, ultra-soft and it is a renewable source!

DESIGNED TO FIT: The WC4 is anatomically designed for the right and left foot to provide the perfect fit. It has a special shaped toe and heel pockets knitted into the sock to confirm proper placement, and the seamless construction creates comfortable support. WC4 is made with built-in, contoured padding to offer comfort where your feet need it most. The Bamboo Charcoal fibers over a healthy environment where your feet experience the greatest pressure.
ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The WC4 was designed to specifically aid those that suffer from diabetes, excess swelling, sensitive feet, and neuropathy (loss of feeling). The light gradient compression helps provide the light support your feet need and promote healthier feet and skin.
QUALITY BREATHEABLE/ANTI-ODOR: WC4 is made of superior quality, moisture-wicking fabric which allows the sleeve to breath during movement and is infused with silver ions to promote freshness and help keep the feet dry during wear thereby creating a healthier environment for your feet.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: OrthoSleeve is committed to our product & guarantees results or we will offer your money back. With proper care, hand washing and air dry, Orthosleeve WC4 are made to provide lasting comfort for up to 12 months.

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