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Price: $8.79
(as of Jun 18,2021 02:05:32 UTC – Details)

MediVena ONE-CARE Contact-Activated Safety Lancets offer convenient blood micro-sampling and 100% safety. The product features easy-to-twist protective cap and ergonomic housing for stable grip within the hand and simple activation. Gentle and smooth puncture mechanism ensures enhanced comfort. The needle retracts automatically and is permanently locked out after use for safety. Optimal skin contact area allows for precise positioning on the desired test site and adequate blood flow each and every time. All needles are Gamma-sterilized and protected with a reliable sterility tab.
Safe – Needle retracts automatically and is fully enclosed in housing before and after use
Gentle – Soft activation system and ultra-thin needles provide enhanced comfort
Ergonomic – wide safety cap and optimal housing ensure secure grip in hand and simple activation
Single-Use – double spring mechanism permanently locks the needle to prevent re-use

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