MediVena ONE-CARE Blood Glucose Test Kit...



Price: $18.95
(as of Jun 18,2021 02:36:10 UTC – Details)

MediVena ONE-CARE Glucose Monitoring System features large display for ease of read by people with Diabetes and large buttons for convenient user interface. Our AUTO-CODING technology will match the strip batch for you without a need for manual entry. Only Small Blood Sample of 0.5ul is required, therefore the meter is ALTERNATE SITE TESTING capable (arms other parts of body). You can expect highly accurate test results thanks to our latest biosensor technology. The meter is equipment with automated STRIP EJECTOR to safely remove the test strip after use for your convenience.
10 Test Strips featuring the advanced Biosensor Technology with small 5ul blood sample required
1 Lancing Device with Multiple Depth Settings and Auto-Eject Function for Safety
10 Ultra-Thin Lancets of 30G (Less Pain)
1 Carry Case, 1 Log Book, 1 User Manual

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