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What is the feature about the Medarchitect (MA-PSC) Insuline prefilled syringe carry case?
The ideal way to transport your insulin doses when you travel without having to take vials and other supplies along. The special pressure pads do not require any user alignment of the syringe plunger position. Simply fill the syringe with your desired dose, place it into the case, and snap it shut to lock everything in place. The MA-PSC’s hinges allow the case to open fully, laying completely flat on your lap, desk or table. This makes insertion or removal of a syringe effortless.
About us (MA-PSC)
Designed by diabetics (U.S.A.) for diabetics, it is superior to any other prefilled syringe case available. Constructed of premium grade plastic and expertly hand assembled, the MA-PSC is a new generation in design focusing on function, user satisfaction, and durability. Factory-direct introductory pricing makes the MA-PSC competitive with established products. Our quality control, advanced engineering and dedication to excellence, makes the MA-PSC the preferred choice for a growing number of users. A syringe is not included.
The silicone pressure pads are quite small. Inquisitive young children and toddlers could pry them loose from the case and create a potential choking hazard. The syringe case is NOT a toy. Be certain that you safeguard it at all times and keep it beyond the reach of children. Disclaimer: nothing herein constitutes medical advice. Contact your doctor about any medical issues or concerns you may have.
✅Precisely protects every insulin dose, whether odd, even, whole or fractional units.
✅Fits most 0.3cc, 0.5cc and 1cc U-100 syringes.
✅Two-piece design provides real hinges that open wide for easy syringe placement and removal, Premium quality, heavy duty construction; yet it fits easily into pocket or purse.
✅【Customer Satisfaction Guarantee】If you are not 100% satisfy with the purchase for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us to request a refund or replacement.

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