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Are you having hair breaking, scalp itching, or infections causing hair loss, and baldness?

This Dr. Sebi Cure for Hair Growth will completely provide you solution to all the causes of your hair loss and baldness. It is very important to know that Dr. Sebi had successfully carried out numerous curative alkaline diets and herbal medicines that promote the rapid development of hair growth through the detoxifying, cleansing, and revitalizing of the electric body by removing germs, improving hair growth hormones, and build antibodies against infections.

This Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diets and Herbs will restore your hair growth that is caused by nutritional deficiency, Alopecia areata, radiation, traction alopecia, scalp psoriasis, worry stress, hormonal deficiency, infections… and many others.

More so, during Dr Sebi lifetime, he was able to cure several chronic health discomforts like Herpes, HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Lupus, Back pain, Kidney & Liver diseases, Obesity, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)… and many others that could not be cured with western medicines.

However, in this book, you will fully learn all the therapeutic approaches of:

  • Dr. Sebi Diets Cookbook for Hair Growth.
  • Dr. Sebi alkaline herbs cure for various causes of hair loss.
  • Dr. Sebi approved alkaline cell foods and herbs lists.
  • Dr. Sebi Products & Curing Methodology
  • Non-Dr. Sebi Healing Techniques and Physiological Details… and many others.

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