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This ebook is an updated complete replacement for the ebooks, “Dr. Berg’s Healthy Comfort Foods & Sweet Alternatives” and “Dr. Berg’s Healthy Junk Foods & Sweet Alternatives”. There are eight new recipes included. All recipes in this ebook are either in or will be in ”Dr. Berg’s Healthy Fat Burning Recipes”.

Very few people can stick to any weight loss program due to the massive temptation of junk foods and refined sugary carbohydrate meals in our environment. Dr. Berg provides the ultimate solution by tweaking those unhealthy comfort food recipes so as to never deprive, just substitute. This booklet contains Dr. Berg’s favorite meals that have been thoroughly tested for being delicious and extremely low carb.

Dr. Berg gives you the step-by-step breakdown with graphic images for each stage of the recipe making it incredibly easy for anyone to quickly prepare in a tight schedule. Telling people they can’t have this or that only causes them to want them even more. This short booklet will make it incredibly easy to maintain a healthy weight loss program and overcome the temptation of going off track.

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