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DESCRIPTION The sock is our un-cushioned version & is designed to be light, thin and airy enough to accommodate most types of footwear without being bulky. Perfect for spring fall and summer weather. Our diabetic friendly relaxed loose fit top sock is ideal if you suffer from circulatory issues associated with diabetes. They feature a non restricting fit around the ankle. Perfect for those with sensitive feet, blood flow issues, or just bad circulation in general. They are also a great alternative to regular socks even if you do not suffer from any of the above conditions. Diabetic socks are specially designed with an ultra stretchy cuff to prevent constriction on your legs They should not wrinkle and cause discomfort. Ultimately their job is to protect your feet and to provide maximum comfort. If you are pregnant and suffer from gestation diabetes, these socks will be beneficial to your swollen feet. The general advantage of wearing non constricting socks is for protection & for better circulation. Wash your diabetic socks in warm water without bleach and tumble dry on warm as you would with your delicate under clothing items. Do not attempt to wash and dry your cotton diabetic socks in high heat the heat will cause the cotton fibers to lose their elasticity and ruin your socks. If you want to make the most out of your socks, hand wash and air dry them. A good tip when drying your socks in the dryer is to remove them while they are still a little damp and then let them air dry the rest of the way.
Flat Knit thin design – Light flat knit throughout to reduce bulk while still adding protection
The Y heel design helps to conform the sock to the shape of your feet and helps to keep the sock in place without being too restricting. Keeps the feet warm to improve blood flow and reduce fatigue
The sock helps to protect the feet from friction rubs blisters & ulcers. Minimizes moisture accumulation. Also an excellent choice If you suffer from spider and varicose veins
Y-Heel Construction- The true heel fit provides a more anatomically correct fit on the foot. Low rise athletic contoured design for sporting activities like the gym, tennis, jogging etc

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