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Diabetic socks specifically designed to keep the feet dry, decrease the risk of foot injury, and avoid preventing or slowing blood circulation.
They usually are made of materials that have superior abilities to wick away moisture, are fitted, padded, and nonbinding.
They differ from regular socks in that they are non-elastic and seamless. By eliminating the elastic, diabetic socks reduce the constriction that often occurs in swelling, which can limit blood flow.

Diabetic socks may be helpful in the following conditions:
If you have diabetes and have experienced changes in foot color, temperature, redness, irritation, nerve damage or blisters.
If you have diabetes and have extreme foot moisture or sweat, as these specialized socks keep your feet dry by wicking moisture and thereby reducing the recurrence of infections.
If you are currently pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, specialized socks may help prevent blood clots in swollen feet.
If you have diabetes and are traveling long distances and will be seated for a long time (such as in a car, plane, or train), these socks can help promote proper circulation and reduce swelling while you’re on the go.
Sensitive skin types are well looked after by the bamboo fabric. The eco-friendly bamboo fibers are more gentle than many manmade fibers and do not irritate the skin in the same way. Better still, the bamboo we use is 100% organically grown, so there are no traces of impurities close to your skin.
People with chronic high sugar levels have a greater chance of circulation problems, possibly reduced blood flow and develop neuropathy (nerve damage), vascular disease, and infections, especially in the legs and feet. Since bamboo naturally eliminates odor and your feet breathe moisture free. If you are diabetic or suffering from infections, bamboo socks are a must and far better than cotton or wool socks. We love bamboo socks. We believe you will too.
Diabetic socks are often made from finer-textured fabrics such as bamboo and wool. These types of yarns have natural properties such as at microscopic level, bamboo fiber has a round and smooth surface reducing rough abrasion on the skin. Regular socks differ from diabetic socks in that they are typically made from cotton, which can trap moisture.
Machine washable cold (recommended) or lukewarm, tumble dry low, no bleach. It’s asked to wash inside out for a better lifetime. Have your bamboo socks in every part of your daily life with no bulky feeling. From elderly to office work force, to pregnant ladies mentioned the silky soft comfort they experienced. In your boots, sneakers or around home we aim to provide a new definition of comfort.

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