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Diabexy is a diabetic food product brand which provides Low Glycemic load food products for diabetic persons. Glycemic load of a food item is an important nutritional parameter because it suggest that how much quantity of a food item will lead to how much increase in blood sugar level. We can mathematically calculated and estimate the glycemic load of a food product. 1 glycemic load is equal to 1g glucose and 1g glucose will increase blood sugar by 20 points. Estimated Glycemic load of maida cookies is 45 per 100g which means it will increase blood sugar by 900 points. Estimated Glycemic load of Diabexy Diabetic Coconut cookies is 4 which means it will increase blood sugar level by just 80 points. It means Diabexy Diabetic Coconut cookies are having 90% less impact on blood sugar level than maida cookies. One must control his daily dietary glycemic load to manage diabetes. Every bite of food is important for managing blood sugar level for a diabetic person. Snacks are very important mini meals of the day. Most of the diabetic snacks available in market are made up of maida and maltodextrin which has a very high glycemic load. Diabexy Diabetic cookies are Low Glycemic Load cookies especially designed for diabetic person. They are made with high quality natural coconut flour which is a rich source of healthy fat with very low glycemic load. Our mission at Diabexy is to help people to live a diabetes free life. It took us more than 10 years of research and development to develop Low Glycemic Load food products. We believe that it is possible to reverse diabetes with the help of healthy eating habits and disciplined lifestyle.
LOW GLYCEMIC LOAD – The Estimated glycemic load of Cookies made with Maida or wheat flour is 45 per 100 gm. Estimated glycemic load of Diabexy Diabetic Coconut Cookies is just 4 per 100g which is 90% lesser than maida cookies. It means that these cookies will have 90% lesser impact on blood sugar level compare to normal maida cookies. Count your daily glycemic load for better blood sugar control.
NO SUGAR, NO MALTODEXTRIN – The sweetener used in Diabexy Diabetic cookies is fructooligosaccharise which is a type of fiber which is sweet in taste. It does not get metabolized in the body and flushed out without affecting blood sugar. Estimated Glycemic load of Fructooligosacchrise is just 1 as against 110 the estimated glycemic load of maltodextrin. Products made with maltodextrin should be avoided by a diabetic person because it has very high glycemic load.
NO MAIDA – Diabexy Diabetic coconut cookies are made with ingredients which are having very low glycemic load. We use high quality natural coconut flour from southern part of India as flour base. We do not use maida, wheat flour or any other cheap flour at all. We use high quality trans-fat free bakery shortening.
TASTE DELICIOUS – Diabexy Diabetic Coconut Cookies tastes great which will satisfy your taste buds along with Diabetes Management. Once accustomed to these Diabetic Coconut Cookies, you will not like the normal maida cookies.
GOOD FOR BOTH TYPE I&II DIABETES – Low glycemic load food is good for both types of diabetics. They don’t increase blood sugar like normal food products. Estimated Glycemic Load of Diabexy Diabetic Food Products is 80-90% less than normal food products. Controlling blood sugar level is easy with low glycemic load diet plan. Call our customer care for more details.

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