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【Testing method】
The blood glucose test paper coding method:
Before each new blood glucose test strip is packaged, the Baijie Blood Glucose Analyzer should be coded first. The encoding steps are as follows:
1. Insert the code card into the test part of the meter, and the instrument window will display the test paper code.
2. Check the code number indicated on the test paper bottle label, and the code and test mode number on the code card are the same.

Section A: Tester+Cholesterol test strips (10PCS) +uric acid test strips (25PCS)+blood glucose test strips (25PCS)+ blood collection needle(60pcs)
Section B: 1 box of blood glucose test strips (25pcs)+blood collection needle(25pcs)
Section C:1 box of uric acid test strips (25pcs)+blood collection needle(25pcs)
Section D: 1 box of cholesterol test strips(10 pcs)+blood collection needle(10pcs)
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– Multifunctional chemical monitoring system cholesterol analyzer with three-in-one test kit for uric acid test strip pH meter, cholesterol meter and blood glucose meter.
– Large display screen showing the test results, clear and ideal for the old man.
– Fast measurement, siphon design, convenient blood sucking, simple operation, accurate results, automatic identification of blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol test paper for users to test.
– Used for blood glucose test and health check on various occasions such as family and hospital.
– Quality service: If you have any questions about our products,, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 12 hours.

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