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wound care productwound care product

wounds can scab wellwounds can scab well

Your minor cuts and scrapes deserve care and protection from CureFaster

Why do you need a CureFaster?

*The sources of infection are increasingly diverse in the world today.

*Sealing the wound is better than leaving it open to infection.

*A wound care products for first aid emergency or diabetic wound care.

*Reducing wound’s infection and repeated painful debridement.

*Natural wound care products and healing no medicine.

diabetes wound carediabetes wound care

Diabetic patients need special wound care

Curefaster helps to improve wound seal for diabetes with safe blue light and hygienic airflow to dry the wound and reduce wound infection

safe cure dryersafe cure dryer

what you getwhat you get

What’s in the box:

CureFaster machineUSB cableSterile airflow filter padTweezerUser manual

CureFaster is an up to date natural wound care product

How to use CureFaster :

*Wound wash& wound cleanser: Use alcohol wipes or povidone-iodine spray to wash the wound remove dirt and debris.

*Stopping bleed use medical gauze or tape.

*Each treatment takes only 5-10 minutes.

*Most superficial wounds can scab well by 3 times of treatment

*Exudative wounds need repeat treatments until blood clotted and wound scabbed without seepage.

It’s designed with a safe blue light, hygienic airflow drys your wound effectively, and to help wound scab and reduce infection probability.

Help relieve pain

Promote wound healing

Reduce wound inflammation

Accelerate blood circulation

Enhance immunity of your body

Promote vitamin D synthesis

Suitable for elders,kids,susceptibles,and some easily ingured jobs or any outdoor sports: skateboarding,camping,adventure…

good for elder good for elder

small easy to carry with for outdoor usesmall easy to carry with for outdoor use

great gift for mothergreat gift for mother

great gift for fathergreat gift for father

Diabetes wound seal

Kids wound care

Easily injured occasion

first aid supplies

Curefaster Story

On a holiday night in a remote mountain area 2014, the skin of a boy’s thigh was burnt and severely scalded and infected. With 20 years of surgical working experience, the father decided to nurse the wound in a different way. Next day… the boy’s scalded skin started to scab and his son got well to play as normal. So the father starts to think and create a wound care healing product so that all families could easily treat small superficial wounds at home and stay away from pain and infection. That’s the very beginning of CureFast.

Curefaster is an up to date wound care products that deeply designed and developed with experienced surgens with FCC and FDA approved.

Easy to Carry & Use: Curefaster is portable and rechargeable for continuous use up to 4 hours, small size is convenient for wound seal either at home,or as camping accessories, first aid supplies.Ideal self-administered personal wound care product for human or pets
Reduce pain and infection: Stop the blood flow using medical tape and clean the new wound first with alcohol wipes or saline wound wash, and then start to use Curefaster to cure the wound. Most superficial wounds can be clotted and scabbed by 3 times of treatments. No medicine ointment,natural therapy
A good companion with bandaids and first aid kit: Especially for improving wound seal faster for elders,diabetes,Mastectomy,Cancer Surgery,bedsore,pressure sore and Skin immune ulcer disease with Old Open wounds
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Curefaster Guarantees 3 times of treatments to start scabbing. Exudative wounds need repeat treatments untill wound is scabbed without seepage. You need to keep the wound away from touching water

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