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Price: $21.98
(as of Apr 02,2021 20:14:04 UTC – Details)

CareSens2 Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Complete Kit “Rapid Test Result” (5sec) “Very Small Sample”(0.5㎕) Item: CareSens2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System GM505C Brand: I-SENS Model: CareSens II Glucose Monitor Test results appear in just 5 secondsAlternate site testing allows for testing from fingertips, palms, forearms, thighs, upper arms, or calves ※Package Included : (Full sets) * Blood Glucose Meter * Test strips (10EA) * Lancing Device * Lancets (10EA) * Alcohol Prep Pads(10EA) * Carrying Case * Baterry
“Rapid Test Result” (5sec)
“Very Small Sample”(0.5㎕)
Accurate, complete blood glucose / monitoring through advanced biosensor technology
Full sets: Blood Glucose Meter/Lancing Device/Test strips (10EA)/Lancets (10EA)/Alcohol Prep Pads(10EA)/Pouch/Baterry

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