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‘But Why Vegan?’ is not a cookbook and it has no recipes. What it is is a deep dive into Veganism and how it not only transforms your mind, body, and spirit, but did you know it also positively impacts all of humanity, too?

If you are thinking about making the transition to Veganism this book will push you over the edge.

Becoming vegan makes you a trendsetter and that is a heavy burden to carry. Trendsetters are the ones that brave the tornado of dissent and yet change the world in their path. If this is you, then let’s get moving. 

Being vegan is a decision that you make for the long term. It’s not a fad diet, and it’s not a fleeting fancy because becoming vegan says that you are serious about being healthy and you are determined to go far in this world and that is why you are preparing your body for the long haul.

Becoming vegan takes guts. You have to push against dissenters around you and a craving mindset within you.

Being vegan is as much about the recipes as weight lifting is about the brand of barbells you use. No, being vegan is not about changing recipes, it’s about changing minds.

It’s about blazing trails and heading out west because you know there is a better life awaiting you once the hardship of change subsides. 

That’s what this book is about. It tells you what the real deal is when it comes to considering veganism and goes two steps further in cleaning up your food source.

It dives into Vegan Plus, where it’s not just about the meat and dairy that you stop, it’s also about the cessation of processed foods.

In essence, it’s about taking back your life.

If you’re ready to transform your mind, body, and spirit (while helping all of humanity) then scroll up and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to begin understanding what Veganism is all about!

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