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Technical information
Calibration sample: venous plasma
Blood sample size: 0.6 microliters
Test time: 5S
blood sample: fresh capillary whole blood, wenous whole blood
Blood sample size: 0.6 microliters
Test time: 5S
Hematocrit: 30% to 60%
Battery: 2 AAA batteries
Battery life: 1000 tests
Dimensions: 8.5 x 6 x 1.8 cm
Weight: 73g (including batteries)

Please notice
1. Adjust the depth of your relaunch device according to the thickness of your skin.
2. Prick your finger and wipe the first drop of blood with a tissue or clean clothing, try the second drop of blood that is least likely to be contaminated.
3. Results from alternate sites (such as palm or forearm) do not reflect current blood glucose level.
4. Do not store the tape measure and strips where it is too hot or too cold.
The Safe-AQ Smart Diabetes Test Kit is everything you need in one small package. The small and sleek design fits in the palm of your hand, making it ultra-portable so you can keep up with you wherever you go. Simple and accurate test helps you get accurate and fast results in just 5 seconds. New modern design with large screen is easier and more discreet use.
Without coding, the test strips only require a very small sample to perform a blood glucose test – just 0.6 µL of blood. The detachable launch device is small and easy to use, with a manual trigger. Quick casts, 9 grade adjustable penetration depth custom setting. Virtually painless. It effectively helps to minimize skin damage.
The enhanced tester meets the latest global precision standard of ISO 15197: 2013 with even more stringent requirements, avoiding interference from oxygen changes in the blood.

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