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wound care supplieswound care supplies

Bed Sore CreamBed Sore Cream

LMNOOP Bed Sores CreamLMNOOP Bed Sores Cream

About Us

LMNOOP has been committed to the development of efficient and natural wound care supplies for decades. All skin wound care supplies are made from natural herbs and organic extracts.

What are the Uses of LMNOOP Wound Care Ointment?

Cuts, Scrapes, and Abrasions

Minor or severe bedsores

Pressure Ulcers

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Venous Stasis Ulcers

Pre and Post Surgery Wounds

Those at Risk of Infection of the Skin

Necrotic, Infected, or Wounds with Drainage

Why Choose LMNOOP Wound Care Supplies?

This skin wound care cream not only has significant antiphlogistic healing effects on minor wounds but also can effectively heal the severe ulcers and purulent wounds such as bedsores, pressure sores. With mild formula, this bedsore cream is an essential medicine to prevent wound infection and promote wound healing, it’s a must-have for your family’s first aid kit.

Gentle natural herbs and organic extracts

Reduce the risk of wound infection and scarring

Multi-functional for alleviating pain, edema, and redness

Moisturizing: Keep skin away from dryness

Speeding up chronic wound healing

Suitable for all ages and sensitive skin

Bed Sore OintmentBed Sore Ointment

Wound Care OintmentWound Care Ointment

Bedsores OintmentBedsores Ointment

Skin Wound Heal OintmentSkin Wound Heal Ointment

Natural Ingredients

This ulcer wound care is made from natural herbs and organic extracts without any chemicals and will not react with other medical products. It can be used on any part of the body.

Skin Barrier

This burn ointment provides a moist and closed hypoxic environment that is conducive to wound healing, effectively reduces infections, and helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Bedsores Available

This wound care cream can not only be used as emergency medicine for treating bruises but also has an excellent treatment effect on chronic wounds, such as burns, bedsores, and ulcers.

Widely Used

This skin wound care is made by LMNOOP Research Center after many years of research and development.And is widely used in life.

LMNOOP Wound Care Gel for Cuts, Scrapes.LMNOOP Wound Care Gel for Cuts, Scrapes.

LMNOOP Wound Care Cream for Burn,Boil.LMNOOP Wound Care Cream for Burn,Boil.

LMNOOP Wound Care Bed Sore Medical for Pressure sores, Diabetic, Venous UnclersLMNOOP Wound Care Bed Sore Medical for Pressure sores, Diabetic, Venous Unclers

Skin Repair Cream Wound Heal OintmentSkin Repair Cream Wound Heal Ointment

EFFECTIVE FOR FAST RECOVERY – LMNOOP 24-hour infection protection medication antibiotics, antiseptics, absorb exudate, remove bacterial, promotes wounds healing. Effective for chronic wound treatment such as bedsores, pressure sores, diabetic wounds, skin ulcers, decubitus ulcers and venous foot & leg ulcers. A best bed sore home remedy ointment.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – LMNOOP fast healing & max strength bedsore treatment is widely used for alleviating pain, edema, impetigo, inflammation, discomfort, redness, skin abscesses, and prevention from skin infection. An essential cream for general homeopathic wound healing.
SAFE TO USE – LMNOOP organic bed sores & pressure sores ointment have been widely used in life and highly recommended by doctors to be used in treating various skin ulcers, infection on foot & leg, buttock, toe, ear, elbow, even cracked lip. Anywhere on the body, safe for all ages including infants. Totally a natural wound care supplies.
WARRANTY – LMNOOP bed sore cream with 30-Day Money Back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Refund or replacement will be provided with no questions asked.

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