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Himalayan salt is widely known as superior to table salt due to its natural mineral content and unrefined purity. Among Himalayan salt, there are two core issues that have long been ignored. Anthela Salt has taken these two issues to task and eliminated them.


Not all Himalayan salt mines are suitable for human consumption and among those there are vast differences in quality. Anthela only uses the highest quality Himalayan salt mines meant exclusively for human consumption. This allows us to guarantee Superior Quality.


Himalayan salt travels more than 12,000 miles across several countries from its origin–Pakistan to your dining table.
Only Anthela sees to the quality and safety of Himalayan salt from the mine in Pakistan all the way to your table. Salt is hand selected in a 3-stage evaluation process. Salt then goes to our advanced cleaning facilities to undergo our in-house designed process: Ultrasonic Technology & RO Purified Water cleansing. It then goes through crushing & milling, precise screening, and optical sorting. We then carefully package the salt and ship the salt across the world and then to your table


For over a decade, Anthela has innovated advanced technology, the world’s highest standard of food management system and social responsibility into the Himalayan salt industry. 
Anthela has provided Europe, Asia and America with the World’s finest salt. Through technological innovation and steadfast dedication, Anthela has changed the way people season their food.

TOP GRADE HIMALAYAN PINK SALT—Anthela Himalayan Pink Salt packs the incredible flavor nature intended with no impurities to stand in your way. The highest quality salt is hand selected and sorted in a 3-stage evaluation process by our professionals, so only the highest grade reaches your table. * Iodide is not provided by Himalayan Pink Salt.
FROM THE HIMALAYS TO YOUR TABLE—At Anthela, we own and operate the entire supply chain from the mines, to our innovative cleaning facilities and all the way to the packaging warehouse. We carefully package the salt and ship the salt carefully across the world and then to your table. We firsthand protects our salt from any contamination each step of its journey to you.
UNMATCHED CLEANSING PROCESS—We lead the industry in purity due to our innovation. Our cleansing process is designed in-house using only the most advanced techniques. We use ultrasonic and purified water to blast away any unwanted materials from the mining procedure.
SUSTAINABLY MINED AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE—We hire only local miners from the surrounding area in Pakistan. Our employees receive great pay, benefits, work in safe conditions, and work reasonable hours. Our mining techniques leave a minimal foot print with a priority on sustainability.
10 INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS AND QUALITY GUARANTEE—Anthela Himalayan Pink Salt is 100% pure and the most accredited salt on the market. Anthela is the only Himalayan salt manufacturer to acquire HACCP, GMP, BRC, IFS, FSSC22000, KOSHER, HALAL, NON-GMO,SEDEX certifications and FDA registered in the world.We believe the best food deserves the best salt. If you feel we are not giving you the best quality salt, we are happy to accommodate that.Top quality is the only product we know how to produce

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