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AnnaPS Diabetes clothes for insulin pumpsAnnaPS Diabetes clothes for insulin pumps

Annaps Annaps

Annaps insulin pump clothes for kids, men, and womenAnnaps insulin pump clothes for kids, men, and women

AnnaPS Wearable Diabetes clothesAnnaPS Wearable Diabetes clothes

Diabetic accessories Diabetic accessories

At AnnaPS a lot of thought and time is spent on making good choices. This includes when it comes to design and pocket placement, the choice of materials and also the production process. The pockets in the clothes are placed so that the diabetes devices stored, can follow the body’s movements without interfering with or interrupting everyday life. The material that is mainly used is Tencel – an exclusive material which breaths like wool, shines like silk and is soft like cotton. It is comfortable to wear both in the everyday life and when exercising. The clothes are being produced under fair working conditions – such that we ourselves could imagine working under – and with the least possible negative effect on the world.

Made in EU by AnnaPS of Scandinavia
Carry your diabetes devices under your clothes with an integrated pocket built into a black tank top by AnnaPS. We have developed a special integrated pocket for your insulin pump devices so they will stay neatly tucked against your body. This allows you to move freely and discreetly with your diabetes.
Your insulin pump and other diabetes devices are secured under your clothes. The tubing will not fall out or catch on anything. This protects your infusion set from getting caught on things. You also minimize the risk of dropping or damaging your insulin pump as well as forgetting your diabetes devices at home.
keep your insulin pump in pockets of the tank top, discrete without the need of a case or pouch. With it being secured to your body you have the ability to wear whatever you want. Enjoy sweaters, t-shirts, suits, and dresses! AnnaPS makes diabetes management easy, safe and discrete.
Use the AnnaPS Tank Top as pajamas and get wonderful undisturbed sleep or use the AnnaPS Tank top as your exercise attire! Don’t get tangled up in the tubing or catch it on anything. You keep the insulin pump discreetly hidden and safely stored attached to you. You can be hands free when getting up from bed or when working out, jogging, or going on hikes.
The clothes can also harbur CGM, glucose meters, glucose tabs and other diabetes devices. Fits insulin pumps, CGM’s, glucose meters such as Medtronic MiniMed, Animas, Deltec Cozmo, Disetronic Spirit, Accu-Chek, Omnipod, T-slim, Freestyle Libre, Dexcom CGM, Bayer Contour and others

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