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Price: $22.98
(as of Aug 05,2021 15:24:53 UTC – Details)

Non-Binding Diabetic Circulatory Organic Cotton Bamboo Cushioned Crew Socks 6 Pack
Made in Turkey
Physician approved therapeutic, recommended for: circulatory problems, diabetes, edema, neuropathy.
Wide top with extra stretch for comfort, loose fitting, non-binding top that stays up.
Cushioned sole protects your feet and provides additional comfort.
Smooth toe seam reduces irritation on the tip of your toes, a rough toe seam would potentially damage a diabetics feet, this toe smooth seam will do no such thing, it will make it seem a pleasure to wear these socks
Bamboo as a fiber is luxuriously soft thanks to its natural properties and is far superior to cotton. Bamboo also wicks moisture away from the foot naturally. Organic cotton is woven with the bamboo for added comfort

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