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Diabetes Health Type 1 &2: How to Fast Safely During Ramadan with Diabetes

By Nadia Al-Samarrie

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Diabetes Health Type 1 & 2: How to Fast Safely During Ramadan with DiabetesDiabetes Health Type 1 & 2: How to Fast Safely During Ramadan with Diabetes


Managing diabetes is no easy task. When a spiritual holiday comes a long that requires fasting, you need to ensure that your health is not compromised.

Join me as I speak to Dr. Luma Gahlib who helps us understand who should or should not fast during Ramadan and what to consider before you decide to observe this spiritual holiday that may affect your health.

First and foremost- speak to your healthcare professional to ensure you can fast safely. For instance, if you take insulin during meals, you need to ask your healthcare professional how much insulin, if any, you should take when fasting. What about when you break your fast after dusk? Let your healthcare professional know what types of foods you are planning to eat. This will help them determine how many units of rapid acting insulin you may need to cover your meal.

Dr. Gahlib’s answers are sure to illuminate all who listen to her sage advice.

For those of you who observe Ramadan- I wish you the best of health

Note: Ramadan starts on Monday April 12th and ends Wednesday  May 12th.



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