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It has been just over a year since I first reviewed the fabulous assortment of cookies offered by ChipMonk Baking, a new company dedicated to “bringing back keto dessert for so many people who are struggling with challenges like diabetes, the keto lifestyle, and celiac disease.”

The company has since expanded, now offering a variety of other goods, including keto bites, dry mixers, sweeteners, and more on their website. I recently had the opportunity to try out the Keto Bites, and overall, I was very impressed. I received the products at no charge and all opinions are my own.

What Are “Keto Bites”?

Keto bites, much like they sound, are very low-carb, high fat, bite sized desserts. Somewhere between a muffin and a brownie in texture, they are available in a variety of flavors, including:

They are made with almond flour, butter, and eggs, and include allulose and monk fruit as the sweeteners. Some other natural ingredients used include psyllium husk powder, konjac powder, and fibers from plant sources, such as lemon and Norwegian kelp. All products are gluten-free and come in at only 1-2 g net carbohydrate per bite!

My Review

I really liked these! They were filling and delicious and did not affect my blood glucose levels, requiring a minimal and predictable insulin bolus. My personal favorites were the Toasted Coconut and White Chocolate Macadamia flavors, whereas my four-year-old really liked the Chocolate Chip Pecan variety. Even my 1-year-old approved of these, which is saying a lot. He preferred the Peanut Butter ones.

Overall, I enjoyed the chewy texture and thoughts all the flavors were tasty. Most importantly, these were filling and very easy to manage blood sugar-wise. I also appreciate the wide assortment of flavors – something for everyone!

The price point wasn’t the lowest, at a bit over $1 per each bite. However, you get what you pay for, and the ingredients used, texture, and taste all delivered! I would recommend trying these out for anyone who has a sweet tooth but needs to be mindful of sugar and carbohydrate content for health reasons.

You can purchase these directly from the company website. Be sure to check out the FAQ section and read the multitude of positive reviews, as well.

Finally, for a longer shelf-life storage, consider storing them in the refrigerator.

Have you tried Chipmonk Baking products yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Know of any other pre-packaged desserts that are easy on blood sugar levels? Please share!

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